Using Nitrous Oxide - Dos & Donts


Your body depends on a steady flow of oxygen. Oxygen is your friend (unless you're a single celled animal, in which case oxygen is incredibly toxic) -- you want to continue breathing. Oxygen doesn't interfere with your nitrous trip, it keeps you alive. Sit down, breathe, spin, laugh; its GOOD to be alive!


  1. Sit down
  2. Hyperventilate a bit to get your oxygen levels up
  3. Have someone clearheaded use the cracker
  4. Inhale
  5. Take some air with your nitrous
  6. Pass the balloon to someone else
  7. Hold your breath
  8. Breathe
  9. Spin
  10. Repeat


  1. Put any sort of bag over your head. If you pass out, you want to breathe. People have died doing this.
  2. Strap a gas mask to your face. If you pass out, you want your body to get oxygen. People have died doing this.
  3. Lock yourself in a room, closet, car, or refrigerator with a tank of nitrous and open it. People have died doing this.
  4. Stand up and do it. Stay away from open windows, pools, canals, bottomless pits, etc. People have died doing this.
  5. Do it while driving a car. People have died doing this.
  6. Try to inhale N20 directly from whippits, or point escaping gas at anyone. The gas WILL give you frost burn. Balloon broke? Try a condom or a garbage bag!
  7. Use a large tank without a regulator or which isn't strapped down.
  8. Use a tank when you're high. Seriously. You're going to burn your hands.
  9. Use homemade nitrous. Unless you are a chemist, you're likely to get a load of rubbish like NO2, H2NO3, and other yummy toxic things.
  10. Bogart the cracker. Everyone wants another too! No one likes a bong hoarder, and no one likes a Nitrous Whore.
  11. Be an addict. If you do 5 at a party, you're not an addict. If you've a coffee can full of empties and you trip on whippets on the floor when you get up -- uh, check the mirror.