Nitrous Experiences

Over the years, a number of people have written in to describe their experiences with nitrous oxide. Here are a sample of them.

Outlawing Air - Sep 1997

I had the privilege of attending a weekend retreat for "self examination" in Colorado many years ago. Although I was unaware of what exactly they did there, other than "identifying issues", I was fucked up enough to pay the $650 and go through with it. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. What they were doing was an incredible phycological process (actually it has been around for many years), in which we hyperventilated ourselves. It was done with extreme professionalism, first we did a hypnosis process. Then we were coached individually to breathe at a higher rate for 15 to 20 minutes.

The results were an "enlightening" experience. Some people became tigers who hunted prey. They described in intimate detail how powerful they felt, with fangs and claws. Some saw god. Everyone had some awesome experience. As a group, we had to make sure the subject wouldn't hurt themselves (you actually would get up and move around, acting like a tiger or whatever). I have heard a bunch of crap about hypnosis and what have you, but this was the real deal. The reason I'm writing is I was reminded of my experiences with nitrous as a kid in this experience. Except for several differences. The effects lasted much longer and there is no risk of death. It works much the same, by disturbing the blood gas levels of o2 and co2. In my experience, every muscle in my body tightened so hard that I was sore for a week. I had serious emotional problems at the time, and this exercise "purged" them from me. I was 100% different (after discussing my experience with the group).

It was a very valuable method for the therapist to reach my deeper levels. Ordinary counseling would have taken years. In closing, I would like to say "fuck california" for trying to restrict people's personal choices. If anyone is interested, I will disclose the process for a 100% safe and totally life changing breathing exercise that will change your life. If you saw the picture "Contact", just remember the part where Jodi foster was asked if she "wanted to go for a little ride". Well, I'm asking you, do you want to go for a little ride? It's better than no2, and safer. It does take effort, though. I still do it to this day, when I need to leave Earth. It has helped me live so much easier. And what are the fucking bureaucrats going to do, outlaw air?

Things we like to do - Oct 1997

My cousin and I just got into recreational use (the decision came after my 2 dentist visits in one week) recently. I like to sit out in the cemetery by my grandmother's house. There are hardly any stiffs in it, since it's relatively new, so it's quite pristine there. We sit under a tree with the car running and the radio playing in the background (usually the Dead or Music of India or Oasis). I like to sit in the open sun and stare straight up as i am overwhelmed by it all...

Thank You - Feb 1998

I just wanted to say thanks for all the info on your nitrous page. I'd been VERY hesitant to try nitrous, but all my the hippies and kids at school were sayin' it's great. I finally decided to try it this past Friday. The buzz was great, and I'm really glad I tried it. Yesterday, one of my friends that I did it with sent me the address to your site. : ) I was so glad to get an idea of what's really happening to my body, rather than the rumors by word of mouth. : ) I know now that, though nitrous gives a killer buzz, it's to be used in moderation. Thanks again! : * smOOch! Peace and love

Get Informed - Mar 1998

i love your page...i agree that information must be dispensed, so that people can make INFORMED choices! let's just get on with our useless teachings of JUST SAY NO, and say JUST BE INFORMED! i choose to lsd, and n2o..i do not choose to drink alcohol, or smoke grass(though i am tolerant of the latter)..i am a clear spoken women, raising three exceptionally well balanced kids..i've never had a car accident, or been to jail..nor has my husband, who practices the above and pot...i feel ALL drugs should be legal, who should tell me how i can abuse my body..i mean, so far so good..i am thirty, and i still have my brain..i also plan on keeping it...sincerely..

Debilitating Migraines - Jul 1998

Hi. I consider nitrous oxide my own personal life-saver and here's why. I've suffered from debilitating migraines since I was 8 years old. I've lost jobs and relationships because of them.

I've had EEGs, MRIs and cat scans. I've been given pain med prescriptions for Fiorinal, Cafergot, Darvocet, Vicodin, Percocet, Tylenol w/ codiene #s 3 & 4, Midrin,Imitrex, Valium and Demerol. I've been treated in the ER with IV Demerol and Visteral. Some of the drugs knock me out and when I awaken the chances are 50/50 that I'll still have the migraine. At the very least, these drugs cause nausea and a lengthy hang-over. Even though I do not have high blood pressure, I have been on Inderal LA 120 (a high blood pressure med) for the past 10 years. This drug has cut the incidence of migraine attacks almost in half. That's not good enough. Consider for a moment being in unrelenting, excruciating pain for up to seven days.

I've tried smoking pot, but it actually precipitates a migraine, as does any kind of alcohol. Some of the other activities and situations which can bring one on are exercise, extremes in weather temperatures, eye strain, sexual orgasm, running, jumping, repeated sneezing or coughing, hunger and being overtired.

Now, to my point. I've found that I can totally eliminate a migraine with a maximum of three inhalations of nitrous, interspersed with breaths of room air. Furthermore, the migraine does not come back after I stop.

Unfortunately, I've moved 2000 miles away from my source. Last night I had a really bad migraine. Over the course of three hours, I took 4 Extra-Strength Excedrin, a Midrin, 2 Percocets and 4 Valiums. In addition, I shoved 2 Phenergan suppositories up my butt so I wouldn't upchuck all the pain meds.

I've been on the phone to local gas companies, trying to get a tank of nitrous. No luck. I even asked for non-medical grade (I have instructions for filtering it), telling them I make copper jewelry and copper tabletops. I told them I treat the copper with nitrous to give it a certain patina and to speed up the process. None of these places will sell it to me unless I produce proof of my "business".

I didn't think I'd have such a hard time in Denver. If there's any advice you can give me I'd be eternally grateful.

Cycling Together - Mar 1999

I was just rereading your page. You hit something that I couldn't figure out how to say, or more like couldn't say clearly enough after the experience was over.. Where you say "..all things are cycling together, that there is some deeper cyclical event occurring..." That's exactly what I've had. When I *FIRST* took it, it was at a loud party with lots of people talking, and not much music. Each time I took a hit, I'd remember exactly what I heard the time before, and then the new speech. This continued for an almost insane length of time. By the time the night was done, just before we were out of nitrous, I was hearing fragments of dozens of conversations. The audible noise (humming or pulsing) was the only good thing. Well, that and my intention was to pass out from each hit (first time stuff).. I'd take a hit or two if necessary, and then fall over for a while. Then I'd get up and do it again. Just your regular whippit whore... :)

Whippit Abuser - Mar 1999

I have somewhat of a problem. My friends are now referring to me as a Whippit abuser; women are even starting to ignore me because of this (especially this really sweet little blonde with fluffy hair that told me not to get my wisdom teeth pulled out so that I would not have to get medical Whippits). The only reason they are doing this is because me and some friends of mine had a "photo shoot" up in the library a couple of days ago and several of the photographs entailled me taking (or appearing to take) nitrous hits off of Reddi Whip. I would send a picture, but I do not have a digital scanner. Anyway, I was on Whippits during the picture where I was sitting at a table in a study room.

Really, come to think of it, I have only done Whipped cream shots maybe 4 times. 2 of those times were in the library. The first time was when I was working at our Physical Plant this summer and the Physical Plant guys forced me to do a Whippit in the breakroom. The second time was when I was accidentally exposed to some N.O.S. juice in a lab where I was working.

The whole reason I am writing this e-mail is because I want to know what I have to do to prevent myself from ever touching Whippits or nitrous oxide again! I mean, this racquet is getting really old--I won't even go to the dentist again out of the fear of being exposed to nitrous oxide. The way things are going, I'm never going to get to ride in a Ford Explorer (or a bassboat) with this blonde I like. If I can never do any of these things with her (being that she thinks I'm a nitrous head), there is no way that she will ever invite me to her house or her sorority formal. It's bad enough that girls at Centre really hate guys to begin with!

Infinity - Feb 2000

The first 50 or 100 times i used, i never felt it... but now... everytime i use it... i go to a further state of reality.... everything is in everything... and you only can understand it when you are there... when you get down... you cant grasp it.... you always go one step higher... i phrase i always remember from the high... "thats what its all about"... not that i understand this infinity now ... but "thats what its all about" makes perfect sense when you are "There".... e-mail with some of your insights......

thanks for providing us users with your site..

Nitrous Ticks - Jan 2003

I have observed that some users of nitrous tend to "tick" which remind me of parkinson's patients i've seen. Have you any idea what may be causing this? it only happens when they are "passed out" that i've noticed it. My hypothesis is that its some receptors in the motor cortex, are misinterpreting N2O as a naturally occurring brain chem.... then again maybe it's just some neurons misfiring, i don't know, which is why i ask...

Tooth puller - Dec 2003

When I first went to your site about N2O I figured it was some medical bullshit put out to warn people of the effects of this inhalant, But after reading a few of your pages about how to get N2O and how to inhale it I was so overwhelmed! Finally some one has made a site on how great N2O is! It might sound corny but my pulse quickend and my heart started pounding, I was so happy! I probably sound like a looney bin drug addict, But I've been trying to tell people all along that N2O is the greatest inhalant ever! I can't tell you how great this is! Thank you so much. Now your probably wondering how old I am and where I've learned about this and why I'm so excited.

Well I'm a 14 yr female, The first time I ever did N2O was of course, like all children at the dentist, I had to have been around 5 or so, But the sensation of the out-of-body floating around, spinning and tingling feeling was welcomed to me. I soon started faking toothaches and pulling my teeth before they had enough time to fall out of my mouth. I was crushed when all my baby teeth had fallen out and my regular visits to the dentist ceased.(my teeth look normal, they are straight and pearly white).

So I started picking on my brothers, I would knock their teeth out and, as cold as it sounds punch them in the mouth. They would be taken to the dentist and I would beg to come so my little brothers wouldn't be so scared. When the dentist would put them under the mask and walk away so the drug could take effect, I would snatch up the mask and inhale as much as I could so I could get the spinning effect, Then I's place the mask back on my little brother and sat back down. Well sense the gas only lasts for so long, When the dentist would finally work on my brothers they would cry of pain, So of course they would put him back under and I'd get my shot at another high.

Soon I was working at my current job, and I could save up enough money to buy N2O. I would go to parties, sleep overs and even at school sharing my prize. I started paying people for their highs and now I'm pretty much rolling in money. I just want everybody to know about this, I think it was the best inhalant ever made. Again I want to thank you so much for creating this site.

Thank You Jesus - Apr 2004

Hi there, I am writing to tell you that I did not experience any of the plurality that you describe. I did not think of opposites such as good and evil. I did not experience a disorientation which you say you felt. Instead I felt a numbing of the outside world and a door was opened to my innerself, my deepest desires, the one thing that would give me peace in my world. Each time I have been under nitrous, over the last five years, I have dealt with an issue that I have now confronted face on. Each time I was under nitrous, my soul was stripped naked and I was able to go a little further each time to confront my deepest desire, to ultimately come to the place, the conclusion which brought me soo much peace. I have been in counseling for the past five years and each time I visited the dentist office (about twice a year) I used nitrous and I firmly believe and know that the use of nitrous to take down the barriers, to face head on, the emotions and feelings we keep under lock and key with the day-to-day routine, only to emerge when we last expect it and cause us to flight instead of staying with it and fighting, helped me to ultimately heal and forgive one that I thought I would hate for the rest of my life. While under Nitrous, I was able to come to a state of complete abandonment where I was able to find love and accept Jesus' message of love. I now know, and will live my live believing that all we need to do is love. Love your enemies, love the poor, love the lady down the street with the messy yard and the untidy house and kids, love her because Jesus lives in her. Give 100 percent to your family and friends and those you would rather not. I keep boundaries, but only those that will protect my family and I. The other boundaries have come down and the message of love has set me free.