Some Nitrous Oxide References

Stacey et al (1992) Methionine in the treatment of nitrous oxide induced neuropathy and myeloneuropathy Journal of Neurology 239:401-403.
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   - 20 deaths.
   - 11 deaths, workplace misuse of nitrous.
   - 1 death, accidental asphyxia.
   - 2 deaths, asphyxia from gas masks covering the face.

FROM CHOCOLATE TO MORPHINE: Andrew Weil & Winifred Rosen. Make sure you
get the 1993 edition. It's the one with the horrible sub-title
"Everything You Need To Know About Mind-Altering Drugs". The sub-title's
wrong, but it's still a good reference.

A PRIMER OF DRUG ACTION: Robert M. Julien. I believe it's in the fifth
edition right now, but I don't know.

Pulsson (1979) "Recreational" misuse of nitrous oxide,
J. Am Dent. Soc. 98:410-411

Sahenk et al.(1978) "Polyneuropathy from inhalation of N2O cartridges
through a whipped cream dispenser" Neurology 28:485-487.

Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol 96, 3,Mar 1982, pp333-334:Home made Nitrous Oxide: No laughing matter.

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        Lancet, Vol.2 no.8102, 9 Dec. 1978, pg 1227-1230,
Myeloneuropathy after prolonged exposure to nitrous oxide.
        --the B12 deficiency. Doesn't look like a real problem without
very heavy use or very low B12 levels.

        Lancet, Aug12, 1978, pg339-342, Megaloblastic hemopoiesis in
patients receiving nitrous oxide.
        --B12 metabolism

        Anaesthesiology, 1978, Dec67(6) 960-964,
        --sorry, havn't got the title, this is about teratogenic effects
in rats.

        Anaesthesia, 34, 1979, pg147-151,
        --nitrous hazardous for patients with ear surgery or ear
disease. Forgot to mention this problem in the previous post. Does not
appear to be a problem if your ears are healthy.

        Seminars in Surgical Oncology, 1990, 6(3), 141-147
        --cancer, cause or cure? Havn't read this one (not in the local

        Abuse of volatile substances, information paper 2, (Australian)
Commonwealth Department of Health, Drugs of Dependency branch, 1984,
        --this is a great reference, a small booklet on N2O, patterns of
abuse, obtainability, toxicity and side effects, etc. Probably difficult
to get outside of Australia, but worth trying for.

        Acta Anae. Scand. 1985 29 pg 635-638,
        --study on volunteers looking at acute tolerance, subjective and
objective observations.

        Review of inhalants: Euphoria to Dysfuntion, Sharp, C.W. and
Brehm, M. L. (editors), NIDA research monograph no.15, U.S. Government
Printing Office, October 1977
        --this contains two articles, Abuse of Inhalation Anaesthetic
drugs, by M.B. Chenoweth, and Preclinical Behavioural toxicology of
Inhalant solvents, by R.E. Bowman, that are probably worthwhile.

        American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology,
        1988, Mar 9(1), pg 60-63, Death by nitrous oxide: an interesting
case of auto-eroticism
        --sounds amusing.

        1989, Dec 10(4), pg 330-331,
        --another suicide case